Child Care Health Consultant Certification

The NC Child Care Health Consultant Certification (CCHC-C) verifies that a qualified health professional has met the requirements established by the North Carolina Child Care Health Consultant Association and the NC Institute for Child Development Professionals.

These requirements reflect the education, training and experience necessary to provide technical assistance, consultation, coaching, and training about health and safety to early care and education facilities. The CCHC-C recognizes and validates the educational accomplishments of the NC CCHC workforce through an assessment of an individual’s verified level of formal educational achievement based on a standardized scale and assigns a CCHC-C level.

As with other occupations, the CCHC-C requires ongoing continuing education to maintain certification status. CCHCs holding a current certification also have access to rewards and benefits (i.e., work/life benefits, discounts on goods and services, and professional growth opportunities) and be publicly recognized for their specialized qualifications.

Who holds an active CCHC certification?

A list of individuals holding an active CCHC-C can be accessed on the NC CCHCA OneDrive by clicking here.

How do I become a certified CCHC?

NC Child Care Health Consultation Certification will be available to eligibile CCHCs trained in North Carolina through the NC Child Care Health and Safety Resource Center during the application periods:

June 14 – September 13, 2019

To apply, download the Application materials here. If you have additional questions about certification, please complete the contact form below: