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NC CCHC Directory

To locate a CCHC in your county or surrounding area, visit the North Carolina Child Care Health and Safety Resource Center website or call them at 1-800-367-2229. There you find more information about child care health consultation and who is a CCHC in your area.

NC CCHC Association Members:

Our directory is updated annually following our Annual NC CCHCA Conference (typically held in September every year).

Elected Officers:

Executive Committee
Chair: Chrissy Wolfe
Vice Chair: Sheena Butler
Treasurer: Rachel Lentz
Secretary: Alexa Gauldin

Regional Chair Persons

West: Jennifer Bruni
Central: Holly Chase
East: Alexandria Davis Joyner

NC CCHC Association Sub-Committees:

Certification Committee

Chair: Patty Rhodes
Mentor: Lisa Shifflett

Conference Planning Committee

Chair: Kristey Coulter
Mentor: Lindsey Pertet

Website and Communication Committee

Chair: Robin Worley
Mentor: Theresa Stenersen

Public Awareness and Advocacy Committee

Chair: Cindy Smith
Mentor: Alicia Tanner

Review Committee

Chair: Fran Hoover
Mentor: Amy Petersen